Defeat Bill H.2007

 Fighting for standards of safety practice and injury protocol while supporting the freedom of football choice! 

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Our Goals

Defeat Bill H.2007


Bill H.2007 Presented by  
Paul A. Schmid, III , and Bradley H. Jones, Jr.   

An act for no organized head impacts for schoolchildren, unfairly targets the youth tackle football community, while taking away a family's right to choose to play.



Pull together youth football leadership from all parts of the state.  Gather, maintain, and distribute information that will help MA State Leadership to be better informed of football safety advancements and technology.



Highlight new advancements in football safety, equipment, and technology.  Help educate coaches, parents, families, and administrators on new safety features and techniques.  With a focus on specific conference, association, team, and coaches that are leading the way in safety.