Legislative Process


Current Legislative measures

We are currently following two bills as they progress through the process.  

  1. Bill H.2007
  2. Bill S.1223

Both bills are important to our cause.  The "No Hits Act" which includes the tackle ban below 8th grade is H.2007, and it's defeat is our primary cause and goal.  We are also concerned with the lack of representation our administrators and coaches have on a proposed commission in S.1223, as such we have opposed it as currently written.  The MYFA does however. support general review and planning when it comes to any youth injuries.

Legislative Process

The legislative process can be confusing.  We are currently receiving advice from a few different sources.  These sources all indicate a public hearing sometime between June and October.  This public hearing is the ONLY time we can speak to the legislature, without being invited.  However there are several times during the process where the bills are discussed among the legislature.  That is why continuing to arm them with information is crucial to the process.  Also note, arming the people that are against the bill is nearly as important as those undecided or for the bill, as these lawmakers that are on our side can help fight our fight for us.

Currently on the Committee we have heard from (Bill H.2007 only):

  • Senate - Humason - Against
  • Senate - Rausch - Undecided
  • House - Hecht - Undecided
  • House - Kane - Against
  • House - Schmid - For
  • House - Soter - Undecided

This is not enough to stop the bill in committee, additionally during the committee process a bill can be modified, combined with another bill, or turned into a "study".  Sometimes, these studies become commissions (See Bill s.1223), We need to continue to be vigilant.

Continuing to inform the sponsors and the entire legislature of this website and that we plan to vote on this issue when reelection time comes up is also vital to getting them to listen to us.

Details on the legislative process for our state are available in this document:

Find your Legislators

Do you know who represents you?  We have found that the legislators have a better response rate when someone within their voting district contacts them.  You can look up your representation here.

Current Status and Contact Info

We are tracking each legislator and their current public or communicated status on each of the bills.  Using this excel spread sheet you can also reference all contact information for each state legislator.

Important Legislators in the process

Important Members

When contacting the legislature, we recommend contacting your representation first, but including the original sponsors and the Public Health Committee can be just as important.

Use our templates, get the rest of your program to send emails.... they are more likely to read and respond to 15 emails with the same information, then 15 angry emails with different information to review.

If at first you don't succeed use other methods available in the document above, phone calls, facebook, twitter, etc..

Public Health Joint Committee - Both bills are currently under committee review

  • Joanne M. Comerford - Senate Chair
  • John J. Mahoney - House Chair
  • Nick Collins - Senate Vice Chair
  • Chynah Tyler - House Vice Chair
  • Rebecca L. Rausch - Senate Member
  • Brendan P. Crighton - Senate Member
  • Julian Cyr - Senate Member
  • Donald F. Humanson, Jr. - Senate Member
  • Jonathan Hecht - House Member
  • Paul A. Schmid, III - House Member
  • Mary S. Keefe - House Member
  • Jack Patrick Lewis - House Member
  • Andres X. Vargas - House Member
  • Michelle L. Ciccolo - House Member
  • Jon Santiago - House Member
  • Hannah Kane - House Member
  • Michael J. Soter - House Member

H.2007 - Sporsors

  • Bradley H. Jones - Author
  • Paul A. Schmid, III - Author
  • Tricia Farley-Bouvier - Sponsor
  • Kimberly N. Ferguson - Sponsor
  • Carole A. Fiola - Sponsor
  • Susan Williams Gifford - Sponsor
  • Kenneth I. Gordon - Sponsor
  • James K. Hawkins - Sponsor
  • Stephan Hay - Sponsor
  • Kay Khan - Sponsor
  • Mathew J. Muratore - Sponsor
  • Denise Provost - Sponsor
  • Alan Silvia - Sponsor
  • Bud L. Williams - Sponsor
  • Louis L. Kafka - Withdrawn
  • Elizabeth A. Poirier - Withdrawn
  • Donald H. Wong - Withdrawn

S.1223 - Author

  • Cynthia Stone Sreem