Press Release 3.15.19


March 15, 2019 - Paul Dauderis:

Massachusetts Youth Football Alliance (MYFA) Announces Opposition to Bill S.1223


MYFA is announcing its opposition to Bill S.1223 “An Act relative to the creation of a sports injury commission.” We do not oppose the research of injuries to any student athlete in the Commonwealth, in fact we recommend that each football program in the Commonwealth has a safety prevention plan and injury protocols in place, we do however oppose the lack of forethought on the commission’s members.


     Fitchburg, MA— 3.15.19 — As with H.2007 no forethought or consideration has been given, by our legislature, to the youth coaching community or the bias that certain groups may have among the potential commission members as stated. The Boston University Center for Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy shares a common brain bank and is closely aligned with the Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF). The CLF through their Flag Under 14 Campaign (F14G) continually misrepresents the youth tackle football community, especially within the Commonwealth. 

     While our primary fight and focus is with Bill H.2007, we will be asking, when Bill S.1223 is considered, that the Joint Committee on Public Health add a youth coach or administrator who will consider and report to the commission about all youth sports safety practices and injury protocols. We would additionally ask that they also consider the bias perceived or actual BU/CLF has on this committee, with the F14G campaign to end youth tackle football.  As our effort to put youth tackle football into a more positive light continues, much more information will be provided to the Joint Committee and the Massachusetts Legislature as a whole, this information will dispel many myths put forward by the F14G campaign.

MYFA was founded in 2019 to promote player safety through best practices and protocols, fight government over-reach into football, and to promote youth tackle football in the Commonwealth. Established by six youth coaches, with combined 100 years of coaching experience across the state, who have broad experience among different leagues and levels of play, and a medical professional, the plan of the MYFA is to promote player safety and game development, while supporting freedom of football choice.

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