Press Release 4.1.19


Massachusetts Youth Football Alliance announces cross platform support from national football programs

BOSTON—  As the Massachusetts Youth Football Alliance prepares for it's upcoming Save Youth Football Rally on 4.16.2019 and continues it's work with the California Youth Football Alliance to further the positive message of youth football, we are excited to announce support for our message and direction has come from USA Football, Pop Warner Little Scholars, and AYF.  These three national programs announced their support in a joint statement released today by USA Football.

"Dear Massachusetts Football Community:

In partnership with Pop Warner Little Scholars and American Youth Football, USA Football today issued this joint statement on legislative efforts being made in the state of Massachusetts.

“Football is safer today than it’s ever been because of greater awareness and important new rules introduced to the sport. Youth football leaders like USA Football, the sport’s national governing body, Pop Warner Little Scholars and American Youth Football will continue to inspire forward thinking football. This means that no youth coach should walk on a field without being certified and multiple options and entry points to play football are available to Bay State families.

“Together with the Massachusetts Youth Football Alliance we want to shine a light on the positive steps that are currently and have been taking place in youth football to make the game better and safer.”

Thank you.

USA Football "

As we continue to further our mission statement; Fighting for standards of safety practice and injury protocol while supporting the freedom of football choice!  we look forward to working with all of these other programs to jointly fight for the future of youth tackle football!

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